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Your Most Economical, Cost-effective Advertising - Your Web Site

A well-designed, well-maintained Web site is the best "bang-for-a-buck" - the wisest use of your advertising dollar.

Newspaper ads (even full-page, full-color ones) are tomorrow at the bottom of the canary cage.

Full-color brochures are expensive, can't be corrected, and look at the mailing expense for something that looks like just more junk mail.

How many brochures do YOU keep that arrive in the mail?

A Web page is forever.

Long after other companies' brochures or newspaper ads are outdated or garbage, your Web site will always be there for people specifically looking for your service or product.

A Web page is global.

YOU are lucky - most people search in English even if it's not their mother tongue.

You can finally compete with bigger companies in terms of advertising.

We're all using that same piece of real estate - the computer screen. No Goodyear blimps or Superbowl TV spots here!

Your competition will soon be on the Web, if they aren't already.

Make sure they HAVE competition!

A Web page is the bargain of the century.

Where else can you get 24-hour, full-color, 3D, interactive advertising for less than the cost of a one-time newspaper ad?
Tip: Other Ways To Advertise Your Web Site

You can't afford to depend solely on search engines for people to find your site.
  • Millions of new pages submitted every week.
  • Each search engine's requirements are different, and are changing all the time.
You need to maximize the exposure of your Web site by using traditional advertising means as well.
  • Put your Web address (URL) on your business cards and office stationary.
  • Put an automatic signature on every e-mail you send
  • Add games or contests
  • Offer free information or products
  • Keep customers up-dated by creating a mailing list
  • Keep content current
  • Offer coupons or discounts
  • Put your URL in your answering machine message
  • Send out press releases
  • Offer a guarantee and stand behind it!
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