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Web site designs
we have created for our clients

Our clients are small businesses and/or home-based businesses that have achieved enormous benefits from having their own Web site.
Some knew nothing about the Internet or Web site design when they contacted us; other clients knew exactly what they wanted and needed. A few already even had a site, but it wasn't attracting the traffic and sales they wanted.
We like to educate people to how to best utilize their Web presence.
We advised our clients regarding:
  • Why they need a Web site
  • How to write text that sells
  • How to choose the best Domain names
  • How to advertise their site off-line
  • Types of businesses/products best suited to on-line sales
  • What NOT to include in the design of their business site
  • How to accept credit cards on-line
  • How to choose keywords appropriate to their site
See a slideshow of client designs

Chi To Go, selling a Fung Shui gift kit using PayPal.

International Elegance, importing Judaica, Premier Dead Sea beauty products using PayPal.

Graphic Jewels Handmade Custom Jewelry, our own designer jewelry site using PayPal.

A Web site for miniature doll house food based in Maryland, using PayPal.

An Arizona transmission service and repair shop, publicizing their new dealership for Banks Power High performance parts.

Web site for a college sorority at the University of Tennessee advertising their recruitment drive.

E-commence site selling organic and vegan baked and raw snacks, using Paypal to accept credit cards online.

E-commence site selling hand-made bracelets, using Paypal to accept credit cards online.

Landscape artist's personal site, showcasing her work.

Tracking a desert agriculture research project between Israel and Morocco.

Publicizing the new book of a best-selling author.

Real estate site in Florida with links to MLS listings.

Bi-lingual site for a Hebrew-English translator in Israel.

We also do graphic design work for "The Textstore", including the following examples:

A site with an online catalog for an Israeli bottling firm.

An HTML E-Mail design for a technical writing company

Site for a kibbutz (communal settlement ) in Israel

Web sites by SiteDesign - a leading Israeli web design company.

An Israeli tourism - Jewish Education site

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies - A college for Sustainable Development and Peace

Israel's largest and most experienced mariculture company

Sample Client Sites

Additional features:
PayPal shopping cart

Additional features:
Flash into, image gallery

Additional features:
PayPal shopping cart

Additional features:
PayPal shopping cart, large number of products

Additional features:
PayPal shopping cart, large number of products

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