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Your Text
To have the text that you want on your pages "Site Ready," you will need to save them as text-only. All word processors, including Wordpad, & Notepad, offer this function, but you will need to specify that you want the file to be saved in this format. Sometimes, this format will be listed as "ascii" or "ascii text."

Please note that the following formats and their extensions are not equivalent to text-only:

  • File Format Extension
  • Rich Text Format .rtf
  • PostScript .ps
  • Encapsulated PostScript .eps
  • Adobe Acrobat .pdf
  • WordPerfect .wpd
  • Microsoft Word .doc
All of these file types will require format conversion before they are usable in HTML documents.
If you have a document with formatting in place that you would like to use, we suggest that you send it to us in formatted version (.doc), then also send it as text-only (ascii). This way, we can see where you want special formatting on the.doc copy, and we can simply use the proper tags for HTML on the text-only copy of the file.

Your Images
Formats used for images are somewhat more flexible than text formats. The two primary formats used for web page images are:
File Format Extension
  • CompuServe GIF .gif
  • JPEG .jpg
In addition to these two standards, there are also two special types of CompuServe GIF formats that are usable: GIF 89 ("Transparent") and GIF 87a ("Animated").

Some other image file types can be viewed with the addition of special "plug-ins" to the readers' browsers, but we do not advise using file types other than those listed above unless you are producing your site for a specific audience and know without doubt that the site's users will all have the necessary plug-ins.

The following file types will require conversion before they are usable in your site: File Format Extension
  • Bitmap .bmp
  • TIFF .tif
  • Encapsulated PostScript .eps
  • Adobe Illustrator .ai
  • Corel Draw .cdr

Ok, that's WHAT to send. Here is HOW to send.
You can simply Upload it to our site, or you can ZIP and E-Mail it.
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