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Let your visitors search the Web from your site with multiple Search Engines.

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How it works:

1 - You choose a layout style, a color scheme, and any optional features you would like included.

2- Submit the order form; we'll contact you to discuss any questions, other preferences, & to give you payment info.

3 - Along with your deposit, send us your content.

    This could be:
  • company brochures
  • text
  • photographs
  • company logo
  • advertisements
4 - Within a week, we will turn all of your content into a finished, professional Web site, already optimized for high search engine ranking.
    What you get:
  • 5 page Web site
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine submission
5 - Rank higher on Search Engines getting a ghost writer!

The most effective way to get a higher SERP is by posting relevant content on a daily basis, it is I recommend putting out fewer articles but more extensive and of great quality. Today what works best to rank are mega-guides or mega-post ranging from 3000 to 5000 words.

We think that instead of publishing a lot, such as 3 post per week, it is better to publish a good weekly article that brings together all of them. At SEO level in 2017, it is an added advantage that it can help to move it a little with a minimum investment of Facebook Ads to promote it in social networks and in groups of people interested in that content.

So, the snowball is getting bigger because people share it and they put it "Like", something that Google evaluates a lot (the shares and the traffic that comes from there). In addition, when dealing with a long post, the time of permanence is greater and raises the ranking.
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