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First Impressions Are The Most Important In The Design Of Your Web Site

For your customers to stay long enough to read your text and purchase your product, you have to immediately grab their attention with a pleasing, professional graphic design.

Consider who you are targeting
  • If you know that your site will have many more women visitors than men, choose a design approach based on that.

  • Wild music and a Flash intro are probably not the the best design choices for a site selling baby products or providing legal information.

  • Too many special effects contribute to a slow download. People who may be accessing your office products site while at work may not have the time to wait.
Decide exactly what you want your customers to do when they hit that first page.
  • You may want them to click to an inside page, sign up for a newsletter on the first page, or go directly to the order page.

  • A streamlined design can lead them from one point on the page to another, ensuring the results you want.
Don't create confusion
  • Too many colors and flashing animations will lead them to click away (unless your business is selling computer games to 14 year-olds)

  • Too much information on the first page overwhelms. Focus on one primary idea and leave the rest for inside pages.
You only have a few seconds to grab the customer's attention - use the experience of your Web site designer to utilize those seconds.
Tip: Especially For Business Web Design
Fast loading pages are essential
If you have a slow downloading first page, visitors will click away before they see the rest of your site.
    Contributing factors to slow pages:
  • Large graphics
  • Un-optimized photos
  • Complex animations
  • Flash
  • Badly written code

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